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Seated Capacity:up to 120 guests
Total Capacity:up to 140 guests
Price:From £3500
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Two Giant Hats

Linking two of our gorgeous Giant Hats creates over 100 square metres of hospitality space.

This beautiful package not only allows you to comfortably seat over a 100 guests but also gives you the option of having all 18 sides up to give a wonderful panoramic view of your beautiful surroundings. This works wonderfully on a scorching hot summers day.

This package includes beautifully woven flooring and over 2000 fairy lights carefully wrapped around each of our 18 Nordic pine structures. Let your imagination run wild with the option of adding open fires, dance floors and stages, soft seating, top tables and inviting walkways, illuminated with rustic oil burners.

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Example Layouts

Each event is tailored to your exact needs, but these may help give you an idea of scale and what is possible.

Example Layout
Example Layout
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“Can’t explain how magical the tipis looked at our wedding venue, the whole place was lit up! It was over and beyond what we could ever have imagined!”

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