Creating Tipi Experiences

Why Us

From tipi hire to event planning and design, let our award-winning team help you create your perfect celebration

Our passion for what we do and the pride we take in our work has won us dozens of happy clients, awards and five-star reviews.

You can get tipis from other suppliers, sure. But with MyTipiEvent, hiring your tipi is just one part of our service. From the minute you make an enquiry, our aim is to get to know you as well as possible. As well as helping you choose the best tipis, we want to flourish you with extra touches, creative ideas and oodles of inspiration.

And when it comes to pricing, what you see is what you get. Our costs are competitive, transparent and inclusive, with no hidden costs or extras. Guaranteed.

Perhaps most important of all, our friendly and helpful team are there to support you at every stage. Let us do the hard work, so you don’t have to. It’s your special day after all.


When we were starting out, we had one clear goal. To find a viable business idea that would focus on making people happy. It sounds a bit cheesy, we know. But after years of running businesses, and in Jake’s case, studying hard for the “wrong” degree at university, we needed a change of direction.


Excited by the growing trend for more personalised, festival-style events and inspired by our own experience, planning family weddings, we got thinking. Tipis!

We did our homework and were really surprised to find that the standard of product, service and price from tipi suppliers was patchy at best. This spurred us on. We knew we could do so much better.

Buying our first one was like love at first sight. And whilst we’ve grown our fleet since then, every day we still marvel at the beauty of tipis and the very special atmosphere they create.

My Tipi Event was founded with love and happiness and our unswerving commitment to the very best professional service. We know our tipis bring smiles to faces and create lifelong memories. And that makes us very happy every single day.


Our values underpin how we approach our work, how we behave, and how we think. They articulate the spirit of our company and what makes us different. They remind us that we are defined by our actions, not just by our words.


for ourselves and for our customers. We set the bar high and always aim to clear it, whatever the event or budget.


about everything. We are continually exploring and discovering new ideas, new locations, new inspirations to pass on to our customers.


in the pursuit of the highest standards, across our range of products and in the services we provide. Yes, we’re obsessed.


as life is better for it. When you enjoy the people you work with and find fun in the work you do, it’s easy to be productive and motivated.

Never saying no

so we always that extra mile to make our customers happy. We’re quite sure it will lead us into trouble at some point but for now ‘yes’ works.


in all our operations from pricing to project management. For us, that’s the honest, fair and trustworthy way to be.


because it’s your special event after all not ours. We’ll supply ideas by the bucket load but always respect your right to do your own thing.


Our wonderful team has a wealth of experience and an infectious enthusiasm for what they do.

Darren Smith

Darren Smith


Jake Smith

Jake Smith


Tara Smith

Tara Smith