Romantic Tipi Winter Weddings

  • 4 July 2018
  • Darren Smith

Our Nordic partners designed our Tipis with winter at the forefront of their design. With a sprinkling of fairy lights, roaring interior log fires, thermostatic heaters, wooden oak doors and traditional reindeer skins, our Tipis truly are the most romantic (or crazy) place to celebrate an event.

The Autumnal season brings a feeling of warmth, family time and celebration. The colours that illuminate our woodland surroundings are the perfect backdrop to play host to our gorgeous tents whilst allowing you to let your imagination to run wild with a host of themes from wintery colour palettes of silver, gold and green to a festive bar serving mulled wine. Our interior fire pit is a focal point for conversation whilst roasting giant marshmallows over an open flame. With generous discounts applied throughout October to March, a winter event could not be more affordable.

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